CYBERPOL CYBER ESSENTIALS CERTIFICATION Cyber Security Essentials Awareness Training-Level I ((CYB001))

CYBERPOL CYBER ESSENTIALS CERTIFICATION LEVEL 1 & 2 - Cyber Security Essentials Awareness courses are designed to train you on proper cyber and data security behavior and cyber threat awareness. This course certification is for PI (Private Investigators), Cyber Security Level 1 certifications, and anyone who works in a cyber environment on daily basis.

Cyber crime is the fastest growing crime in the world today standing at over €480 Billion loss during 2018. Your personal and business accounts information are being attacked daily. This course provides an overview of the threat and risk landscape associated to cyber crimes ensuring best practices to protect the business from phishing, email threats and other threats. CYBERPOL CYBER ESSENTIALS CERTIFICATION training empowers you or your employees to protect yourselves and your organization's customer data.

The Level 1 training provides an overview of the risk associated with the cyber threat landscape and cybercrime, its best practices to protect any business from phishing scams, email threats and other cyber crimes.

Course consists of 9 Lessons that covers the following topics:

Risks associated with cybercrimes
Creating strong passwords to increase security
Understanding and recognizing social engineering
Phishing and email best practices
Protecting against viruses, spyware, and spam
Protecting your personal workspace
Safe Internet use
Device management – Internet of Things
Today’s risks – acceptable use of electronic resources

Our courses are used by:

International Law Enforcement and Private Investigators
HIPAA Federal Compliance Departments Internationally, including: US, Canada, and United Kingdom
INFRAGARD National Members Alliance
State of California
California Department of Consumer Affairs
Colorado Governor's Office of Information Technology
Frederick County Government, Maryland
Oregon Community Credit Union
City of Boise
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Elks USA
Brethren Mutual Insurance Company
St. Joseph's College New York
Best Western
University of Miami
North Carolina Department of State Treasurer
North American Bankcard
Broadcasting Board of Governors
  • Lesson 1 Course Introduction and Overview
  • Lesson 2 Password Security
  • Lesson 3 Understanding and Recognizing Social Engineering
  • Lesson 4 Phishing and Email Best Practice
  • Lesson 5 Protecting Against Viruses_ Spyware and Spam
  • Lesson 6 Protecting Your Personal Workspace
  • Lesson 7 Safe Internet Use
  • Lesson 8 Device Management - Internet of Things
  • Lesson 9 Todays Risks - Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever